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All the COD's (Call of Duty) + Zombies

Borderland 1 and 2

Co op Lost Planet


Eden Eternal MMORPG



Summoners War

Dragons Nest

Plus many more...

Games played History


Silence Rain


Hey Gamers. We are a group of brothers in arms. Our aim is to be the best and take on challenges. Over the next year we will be playing various games and would like you to join us. Team up in COD zombies, online multiplayer and guild adventures in MMO's like Dofus or Dragon Nest Sea.

Apart from trying to conquer all, we want to help newbies level up and be part of our team. We love challenges, challenge us to a one on one or bring your friends.

From time to time we hold events to fight against other players around the world. Clan matches and Guild Wars.

Our consoles range from PS4, PC, Some APP games. Check out our games section and join in on chats.

The Team

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