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Hey guys.

This game is a time smasher. When we are on it we will smash for hours. Join us in game and let us create a zombie event.

To participate in an event comment in the box below with your PS online ID. Every  week there will be a zombie match to see which teams can survive to the highest round. These events are held for players to have fun and participate in things they love.

We will be playing in ranked lobby's against other people world wide, aiming to become one of the top clans in call of duty. 

Tournament Game Modes:‚Äč



Search and Destroy

One Shot

Capture the Flag

Call of duty

Our Clan tag is [Bros]

If you would like to join the Broski Clan comment below your name and PS ID. there will be 3 stages to the trial. How you play online in a Search and Detroy match, Private One Shot match and Domination. Ones you have passed these trials you will be invited to the clan and play with the best of the bests. ;)

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CLan info

Every Friday: Zombies 11pm


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