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Game request

Got a game in mind. Let us know and we will look it up. If we deem the games availability in battles and guilds we will jump on and make a dedicated page on it.


Release Date:  06/11/2015

Console We Playing On: Playstation 4

Epic. Were going to kill on this. Enough said.

Release Date:  08/03/2016

Console We Playing On: Playstation 4

We at BroGamers can not wait for this game. Depending on the team we may need IPAD players. Please contact us for your interest and why you will be an asset to the team.


Upcoming games

Some games we love but as time passed we stopped playing. But all is not lost, we love going back to them for a nice reminder. If you would like to challenge us in our old games we would love to give it a try.

Here are some games (PS3): Street Fighter 4, Mortal Kombat, Naruto Ninja Storm 3.

Our dormant games

Cod  (ps4)

Summoners wars (app)

Rocket league (ps4)

Join us in one of our main games we are constantly on. If your into COD, join our team for zombies or even SnD ranked. We like leveling players and helping them out in Dofus, join our guild. We are having a high level and low level guild faction in summoners war, join us for daily guild battles we like to keep active and attack every 6 hrs.

Each game has there own dedicated page. Join in on chats and alert us when you want to play.

Games we play