*Future Updates: You will need to redeem future updates within one year of purchase. Updates need to be at a reasonable scale, no huge expansions / extra levels.

*Upload To Our Google Play Account: This option is for testing purposes. We only upload free games for now. How it benefits you is you do not need to pay the fee. You will need to place ads into the game that we will help do. The ads will generate revenue for you. You can take your game off our account at any time.

*Include Source Codes: This option you will need to Buy the no "Inkburst Games" logo removal. As you can remove the logo your self if you wanted to. You do not need to pay if you buy the Gold Package.

*Money Back Guarantee: All games before being handed out will be watermarked. Once it is approved by you. We will remove any watermarks. After the game has been sent over to you. The Money back guaranteed stops there. Once the game has been handed to you, you will not receive any money back after this point. So please make sure before you agree to the final output.

*Duration Days: If there is a dispute on your game and the duration days will expire soon. You will need to give us an extra 10 days to rectify it. If at this point it has not been fixed we will refund you the money and you will not get the finished product. If we do not finish by the duration date, then you have the right to get your money back without the product.

Duration days are an estimate. We will tell you before taking the project on if it takes more than the expected time frame and will give you a guarantee date to finish by.


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Do you want to make a 2D game. We specialize in 2D 1 level games (like Flappy Bird). We can upload your games to Google Play via our own network, if you do not want to pay the fee.

It's easy choose a package that suites you. We will take all details of the game. We will then give you a time limit to take on the project. If the game isn't to your liking we will attempt to redo it to your liking. If this does not help. We will refund you all your money, guaranteed. (All game examples will have watermarks until final output.)

For security purposes all communications will be done via Email first then via Whatsapp if needed.

Now you need to choose what package suites you:

Contact us to get started

Step 1: Please Email us your name and mobile number to

Step 2: Contact us via Whatsapp on +447989469389

All communications need to be done via Whatsapp or Email. This is for insurance purposes. So that we have proof of everything you need for your game and nothing is hearsay. So please lay out everything you need before we start. As we can not guarantee we will add anything extra at a later date. If you do need anything added we will need to add extra days and charge you for it.