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Another nub guide

Remember do not level up your 3 star runes more than 7 times it is not worth it. If you have a 4 star monster put 4 star runes on them. Best runes to farm when you are low level is Hell Mode Garen Forest and Hell Mode Mt. Siz.

Rune Slots

Always put HP% or ATTACK% runes on slots 2, 4 and 6 these are the ONLY slots that can be used for % runes.  Anything else will make your monsters weak.  Depending on your monsters it is best to put 1 HP% rune and 2 ATTACK% runes. Some monsters need SPEED to attack and the only slot SPEED fits into is slot 2.

All other slots don't have % attributes.

Check out the video for a better example.

Refund Event Guide (when available)

As you know you can get a refund on your energy every day, here is a quick guide to help you maximise its use.

Save your energy inside your inbox, you will have up to 6 days to use them. Save all the energy until your 1st energy is about to run out. This way you will have a stock of 7 days energy and also the daily free energy. Com2us Have given a free 6hr XP boost, if you have used this don't worry.  You can buy a 24hr XP boost with 100 crystals at the cash shop. Now with the XP boost active keep farming dungeon that one of your monster can solo and level up all your low level monsters. This way you can get quick 5 star monsters if done correctly.

Have any comments or need help. Leave me a message below and I will get back to you.

1- Do not use your pink crystals. Save them up to buy the Premium Pack for 750 Crystals, you get 11 Mystical Scrolls, 100kk Mana stones and all types angelmons.

2- Don't bother maxing out runes below 3 stars, get them to level 7 and stop. Only level 4 stars and above.

3- Try get glory points for the Devilmon in cash shop. To level up your strongest monsters.

4- More info soon any questions ask me in comments.

Newbie Quick Guide

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guild info



Hey guys.

We have 2 factions on this game, a low level and high level. I personally will help lower levels and help them on the best paths to take. When you have reached a high level you will have the choice to move to our other guild if there is space. If we get over crowded I will elect another active player from our guild to run out other guilds.

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Guild Battle.

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